IMDB credits


Key Makeup and Hair:

Pool (Volcom Spec Commercial) – Director: Ryan Mains
A Friend in Need – Director: Evan Digby
Kids Court – Director: Kelvin Redvers
Past the Skin – Director: Sabreena Peters
Halfway There – Director: Alex Taylor
The Night the Robber Came – Director: Kelvin Redvers
Tech Support – Director: Sean Trembath
I Think She Likes Me – Director: Eric Sanderson
Firebear Called Them Faith-Healers – Director: Kelvin Redvers

Assistant Makeup and Hair:

Of Golf and God – Director: Ryan Mains
Sons of a Battlecry – Director: Kellen Powell
Spring Water – Director: Knesha Yu
Running – Director: Nicola Williamson


Key Makeup and Hair:

Actor Head Shots – Photographer: Rob Gilbert
Wear the News – Designer: Elena Gregusova
Archimetric – Designer: Barbara Gregusova
Hauteware – Designer: Barbara Gregusova
Colour Communication – Designer: Barbara Gregusova
Global Wearing – Designer: Elena Gregusova
Tea Party – Designer: Angela Bright


Key Makeup and Hair:

Incident at Vichy – Company: Theatre in the Raw
Yippies in Love – Company: Theatre in the Raw
Ring Around the Moon – Company: Capilano University
As You Like It – Company: Trinity Western Univ
Brighton Beach Memoirs – Company: Gateway Theatre

Key Makeup:

Vatzlav – Company: Theatre in the Raw
Beggers In The House of Plenty – Company: Capilano College
A Christmas Tale – Company: Broadway Church
Bruce: The Musical – Company: Theatre in the Raw
A Rainbow Of Sins – Company: Skystrike Productions

Assistant Makeup:

Big: The Musical – Company: TUTS
Cancan – Company: TUTS

Fashion Show

Key Makeup and Hair:

Olympic Victory Ceremony for Gregusova Designers

Assistant Makeup or Hair:

La Dolce Vita Gala – Thrive Alive Foundation


John Casablancas Institute – Makeup Artistry Diploma
Axis Academy – Hair Art Design Diploma
Healy FX – Special Makeup Effects Intermediate Workshop

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